Tuesday, November 6, 2012

President Obama - Forward We Go

Barack Obama's campaign pledge for re-election has been one single word. Forward.

Forward to what exactly? Forward towards more socialist programs? More welfare. More food stamps. Unemployment benefits that last for up to two years that do nothing but encourage the worker to not seek a job as they get free $$ from the taxpayer. More rewards to people who do very little to lend a hand in the productivity of our country.

Forward towards utter bankruptcy? A national debt that is going up over $1 trillion per year. The time is going to come when we have to own up to these excesses. Just look at Europe and the disasters in Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland. Our day of reckoning will be much, much worse unfortunately.

Forward with a healthcare plan that a majority of Americans did not want? A healthcare plan that will force employers across our nation to fire productive employees because the fine is cheaper than the actual healthcare premiums. Wait. Watch. See the results of Obamacare.

He will have no mandate. He will be re-elected and not even win 50% of the popular vote. It's just like the famous Obamacare. A majority did not want it, but still we got it. Tonight a majority did not want President Obama yet we got him for four more years. Can we expect this President to actually sit down and try to get anything productive done with Congress? He spent the previous four years not working with anyone at all.

So here we go.
Forward towards more socialist policies.
Forward towards a bankrupt nation.
Forward towards gridlock.
Forward towards the fiscal cliff.

Really? Forward?


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that people think they're going to get equality with this president. He's great at delivering speeches, but it's what you actually do after that speech that makes the difference. We'll start being equal alright, not stronger, not healthier, not more prosperous, not more independent.... But more equal to countries that have destroyed their economies & lost power in this world.
Obama wants us all to be equal to the world, not be a super power. Not only will our economy be like many in Europe... The people of the USA need to ask themselves if they want to be a massive Cuba... Obama's socialist Robin Hood theories do not work & are not sustainable. Anyone with even a basic understanding of economics should get that... Maybe that's one of the key problems, basic education. Stop listening to this crap that these politicians throw out there & acting like mindless drones & get a proper education so you can actually understand how this impacts our country & ultimately the world.
Make no mistake... Obama is not good for the prosperity of this country for any of us.

Anonymous said...

Well we can certainly see what the markets think of the election. DOW down over 300 points. Apple down $20/share. Oil down. Gold down.

Anonymous said...

Just look at Greece today. Massive protests. Our debt reckoning will be much bigger than what they are facing right now.

Anonymous said...

So basically the exact same group of people were elected to try to handle the exact same problems we had 4 years ago. Why is there optimism anything will get fixed?