Monday, June 17, 2013

How poor is our United States Supreme Court?

Wow.  The United States Supreme Court is just flat out poor.  A bunch of old, out of touch people appointed for life to carry out the policies of their political party.

For instance their latest ruling denying an Arizona law requiring some sort of proof of US citizenship when registering to vote. 

Seems like a logical and straight-forward law right?  What is wrong with showing you deserve the right to vote in our elections?  To function in the United States you need proof of citizenship.  A birth certificate.  A passport.  A drivers license.  If you do not have any of these it is not hard to go get one proving you are an American.

Instead the Supreme Court stated that is is proof enough that a person has the right to vote simply by checking the box on the registration form "swearing" you are a US citizen.  By checking that box you are allowed to register.

Come on now.  Anyone can register is what that means.  There is no proof required.  We are on the honor system and we know how that works.  Ridiculous.

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