Monday, June 17, 2013

Idiot of the Month Award - Paul Bowler and Wayne County New York

Well this was an easy one to award.  My Idiot of the Month Award will be shared this month.  Paul Bowler and Wayne County New York are co-winners.

Goodness gracious.  So in the goofy land of Wayne County, New York we had four youngsters between the ages of 8 and 10 years old caught vandalizing a house in the neighborhood. I mean hammers and paint.  Smashing holes in the walls.  Painting all through the kitchen.  Almost $50,000 damages to a house a Mr. Jesse Daniels was renovating for his father-in-law.

Just so happened Mr. Daniels lives next door and heard all the smashing around late at night.  While his wife called the police, Mr. Daniels went next door to investigate where he found the four little punks.

He took the hammer and paint away from the boys and put them in a closet to await the arrival of the police officers.  So now after the event, Mr. Daniels is being charged by Wayne County, New York with child endangerment for putting the four little punks in a closet for ten minutes until police arrived.

Seriously?  Come on now.

The sad thing is that the father of two of the boys, a Paul Bowler, agrees with the charges against Mr. Daniels.  He feels the boys were traumatized. 

Well hell yeah.  They need some serious traumatization.  Maybe they'll learn a lesson and stop that kind of crap.  It is sad they have such a poor father in Paul Bowler.  He needs to put his foot down and let his boys know that kind of behavior is unacceptable.  Instead, his poor little punks were traumatized when they were caught being little criminals.

It is also sad that Wayne County has such a poor District Attorney in Richard Healy that he would allow such charges in the first place.  Can we not vote this guy out of office already?

Come on people!  What is our country coming to?

Idiot of the Month - Paul Bowler and the Wayne County District Attorney

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