Thursday, September 12, 2013

Several Bogus Officiating Calls Doom TCU to loss against Texas Tech

Three bogus calls doomed the TCU Horned Frogs to a loss in Lubbock on Thursday night.  All three were monster calls that the officials flat out blew in a game that ended with a Red Raider 7 point victory.  A sad state considering TCU dominated the game in all phases.  TCU outgained the Red Raiders and held a whopping 12 minute advantage in time of possession.  TCU outrushed Tech 195-44.  The only thing that held the Frogs back were several  ridiculous calls by the officials. 

The first call came well after TCU's Brandon Carter had run back a 69 yard punt return for a touchdown.  After a along break the officials declared Carter had given a fair catch call when replays clearly show he had used his right arm to regain his balance before catching the ball.  In no way did Carter wave his arm for a fair catch.  That cost TCU a touchdown and all the momentum that goes with.

The second bogus call came late  in the game on a TCU punt.  The Tech punt returner raced in to try to catch a short punt but did not get there.  Instead the ball bounced and hit him in the hip with a TCU player recovering the fumble.  Instead an official 30 yards away threw a flag for punt catch interference.  The TCU player was not within three yards of the receiver.  It was such a bad call the ESPN announcers were shocked after watching several replays.  It should have been TCU ball across midfield.  Instead Tech was allowed to keep the ball in addition to the 15 yard penalty on the crummy call.  Later on the same drive another bogus call benefited Tech in gaining the lead. 

A tipped pass was luckily caught and run in for what appeared to be a touchdown.  Instead the dumb receiver dropped the ball celebrating before he crossed the goal line.  The ball rolled into the end zone. After confirming the fumble, officials awarded Texas Tech the ball despite the fumble that they did not recover.  Three plays later Texas Tech scored the touchdown to provide the difference in the game.

Finally with 3:00 to play Texas Tech clearly fumbled with TCU recovering.  Somehow the officials did not award TCU the ball and allowed Tech to close out the win despite replays clearly showing the fumble and TCU recovery.  Again it was obvious from several replays the ball was clearly fumbled.

All in all a terribly officiated college football game with several completely blown calls that allowed Tech to win a game they did not deserve.

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