Monday, January 27, 2014

Old Flash Gordon Episodes provide great sci-fi entertainment

So those of you that read MullThisOva know that I totally enjoy the old sci-fi stuff from the 1930s-1950s.  I loved the old Captain Z-Ro episodes where he travels back in time to research some of the most famous historical events of our past.  I also totally dug Gene Autry in The Phantom Empire where he discovers an underground city beneath his Radio Ranch.  Great stuff!

Now I am onto old Flash Gordon.  The 1980 Flash Gordon movie was one of my favorite flicks from my childhood.  Heck I still watch it today sometimes when it is on the television.  I wish one of the movie companies would make another Flash Gordon movie. 

I was shopping at Half Priced Books last week and stumbled upon a three disk Flash Gordon dvd set.  It was only $5 so I jumped on it!  The first disk has six episodes from the television series from 1954 starring Steve Holland as Flash and Irene Champlin as Dale.  There were 39 episodes filmed so I would love to find the rest as the six I watched were quite entertaining.

The other two disks contain all twelve chapters of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe from 1940 starring Buster Crabbe.  This is the last of the Flash Gordon material from the 30s era.  World War II put a stop to productions and we did not get anymore Flash Gordon stuff until the mid 1950s.  In Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Flash must stop the terrible Ming the Merciless as he torments the Earth with his Purple Death that is ravaging the population.

Entertaining stuff for sure!  If you enjoy old sci-fi then track these great old Flash Gordon shows down.  You should be able to find the three disk Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe set.

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