Sunday, September 29, 2013

Captain Z-Ro - Classic Sci-Fi Greatness

When I saw the dvd box set Classic Sci-Fi TV on the shelf at Super Target I knew it needed to be mine.  150 classic sci-fi television episodes at a very reasonable price.  Bought that!

Classics like Flash Gordon and Rocky Jones.  Other wonderful shows I discovered like Radar Men from the Moon and Phantom Empire.  But my favorite of all in the set came to be Captain Z-Ro.

Straight out of the early 1950s and starring the charismatic Roy Steffens and his young sidekick Bruce Haynes (Jet).  They make a great team as they travel through history.

The opening credits are simply fascinating.  A futuristic scene with volcanos and fog show the secret laboratory of Captain Z-Ro.  Then the introduction: "Captain Z-Ro! Research explorer in time and space! Somewhere in a remote uncharted region of a planet called Earth stands the laboratory of Captain Z-Ro. In this secret location, known only to a few in the outside world, Captain Z-Ro and his associates experiment in time and space to learn from the past - to plan for the future."

How great is that?

Each episode Captain Z-Ro and his teenage assistant Jet would view a historical event and inevitably see that some event was unfolding contrary to history.  The pair would then use their time machine to travel back to intervene and ensure that history played out as originally recorded.

Wonderful episodes with the likes of Ghengis Khan, Robin Hood, Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo to name just a few.  I think my favorite two episodes are the Robin Hood one which is quite comical and the episode on The Great Pyramid.  However, I rarely found an episode that I did not enjoy.

If you are a sci-fi fan you simply must check out Captain Z-Ro.  It is an idea that would work on television today I think.  Entertainment at its best!

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