Saturday, March 8, 2014

North Texas West Nile Virus cases spike dramatically

Get ready.  It is about to be mosquito season around here!  As spring arrives and the thunderstorms roll in, so do the mosquitos start appearing.  Cases of West Nile Virus will be through the roof this spring and summer in Dallas and Fort Worth according to the experts.

The local newspapers are going to run with dramatic story lines for sure.  We will see it on the local news every night.  Another death from West Nile.

Dallas County Health Director Zachary Thompson said in an interview with WFAA channel 8, "Oh it's going to be panic, but If we start early and we reduce the abundance of mosquitos that reduces the likelihood of having increased numbers of West Nile cases."

So be sure to drain standing water and mosquito proof your home when those temperatures start to rise.  Don't leave doors or windows open.  Wear your bug spray and try not to be outdoors near sunset when the pesky mosquitos are most active and dangerous.

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