Sunday, March 2, 2014

Russia loses all Winter Olympic goodwill

Russia loses all Winter Olympic goodwill

Well that certainly didn't last long.  It took Vladimir Putin less than a month to take all the pro-Russia feelings around the world and flush them down the toilet.  Billions of dollars wasted in what was supposed to signal to the world that Russia were back and ready to be friends.

Instead, only a few weeks later, the world is seeing Putin and Russia as the cold war bullies they once were as they romp all over troubled Ukraine and throw the region into chaos.  Putin has sent troops into the country.  But the troops wear uniforms with no patches or names to identify them.  Such cowards.  Like the outside world does not know who it is?

And so the world looks to the United Nations and the United States.  Ukraine pleads for assistance from anyone who will listen giving an empassioned speech at the UN on Saturday in a special session.

Will anyone respond?  That is the question.  Unfortunately, President Barack Obama has shown over the last five years that e s nothing more than a hesitant, teddy bear whet comes to foreign policy.  

He covers up and does nothing about the terrorist attack in Benghazi.  He allows Putin every freedom in the world to take advantage of the weak wit o repurcussion.  Obama proposes to cut our military to levels we have not seen for 75 years.

We live in a dangerous world and I do not need to rehash the events of the past to prove this.   America needs to stand up to Russia and Putin letting him know there are consequences for his brash actions.

Two weeks later and Russia has lost all their hard earned goodwill from the Winter Olympics.  Will they be allowed to parlay recent actions into more power?

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