Friday, June 27, 2014

President Obama wants $500 million for rebel training in Syria

Seriously?  President Barack Obama is prepared to go to Congress and ask for $500 million to train rebels fighting in Syria.  That is nuts!  Do we not have enough problems here in our own country?  Have we not watched over the past six years as Obama has added more to our national debt than every single President before him combined?  Do we not have almost $20 trillion in national debt?

Now he wants to waste half a billion dollars on Syria.  All that money being sent to a worthless black hole.  Just look at Iraq right now.  Those Muslim ISIS fighters are running around with US military weapons that we left with Iraqi soldiers that we supposedly trained.

All good.  Let's go train some crazy Syrian rebels.  Arm them with American weapons and turn them loose.  I see good results from this idea.  Don't You?

I remember Obama's quote about Iraq in a National Address: "We are leaving behind a solid, sovereign and self-reliant Iraq."  We see how that has all turned out.  So let's just throw $500 million at another pool of waste in Syria.  Just sit back and watch them kill each other.  Who cares if they are that stupid and certainly stop wasting our money over there!

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