Tuesday, July 8, 2014

President Obama to come to Texas and completely ignore Immigrant Problem

It is insulting that our President would willingly ignore the biggest issue facing our country today to instead come to Texas raise campaign money and give speeches.  President Obama is declining to visit our border to see and deal with the border first hand.  Instead he will be coming to Austin and Dallas to give speeches and collect money.

Republicans are blasting him.  The whole of America is waiting for him to deal with the influx of illegal aliens....most of them children.  Instead of sending these dependents back where they came from, today President Obama asked Congress for $1.8 billion dollars to care for these illegal immigrants.

Even Congressional Democrats are letting him have it.  Democrat Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said today "The United States cannot be expected to give sanctuary to everyone in the world.  I don't think it would hurt if he (Obama) visited the border, that would send a signal that he's concerned."

This President is so unpopular that he will be giving a speech in Colorado tomorrow and the top three ranking Democrats in the state, including the governor, will not even be in attendance.  They are avoiding him like the plague.

Then he comes to Texas.  Most definitely the one state in the union where he is disliked the most.  The state that prides itself on freedoms and the Constitution is tired of his socialist ways.  It will be most interesting to see the reception Obama gets.

In the end, how about stop roaming around giving speeches and collecting money and actually deal with the immigration problem.  Send these kids right back where the came from!   Otherwise the American taxpayers will end up paying their way.  Free healthcare.  Free education. Free school lunches. Free everything at yours and my expense.

How about picking these people up.  Asking them what their country of origin is.  Then putting them on a 747 and flying them home.  Drop off a couple of plane loads of these people at the airport in Guatemala City and say "here's your kids back." The immigrants would stop pretty quickly I bet.  That would be a heck of a lot cheaper than billions of dollars to take care of these people.

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