Thursday, November 27, 2014

How the Media turned Michael Brown's Persona

The entire Michael Brown fiasco can be blamed entirely on the media.  CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, bloggers and local news stations. They are out of control and their narrative shaped this entire story.

Fox News with their right leaning bias.  MSNBC with their liberal bias.  CNN slanting to the left, but trying to stay down the middle.  From day 1 it wax a battle of wills on how to portray Michael Brown.  CNN and MSNBC portrayed him as a total victim, throwing on supposed witnesses that saw the whole thing.   The locals were whipped into a frenzy.

Rioting.  Looting. Thugging.

As the days passed a more true picture of Michel Brown began to emerge. He was definitely not the choir boy at all.  Seems he and a friend had just robbed a local convenience store minutes before the fateful event.  Video proof.

Seems the two robbers were waking down the middle of the street when the police officer drove up and asked them to move to the sidewalk.  Michael Brown refused and confronted the officer.  He tried to enter the police cruiser through the window punching him repeatedly and attempting to take his firearm.  The gun was discharged twice inside the car.  Then Brown ran as the officer told him to stop and get on the ground.  Instead Michael Brown turned and rushed the trooper where he was shot dead.

The case went to a grand jury.  The evidence was presented over three months.  It seems almost all of the so called witnesses did not even see the event.  They were lying.  Three separate autopsys and all three showed the story the officer gave was accurate.  No shot in the back.  No hands in the air.  No cold blooded killing at all.  And the jury could not even send the case to trial on any charges at all.

Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC are portraying Michael Brown as some kind of civil rights hero.  Come on now.  He does not belong in the same stratosphere as a Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr etc. Heck he was not even a Trayvon Martin.   Turns out he was just a punk who robbed a store and then attacked a police officer.

So when the truth comes out and our justice system gives a verdict, Ferguson goes into riot mode.  They looted their own local businesses. They burnt their own local stores.  How intelligent is that?  That is definitely no way to earn respect or positive attention.  I'm sorry you did not get the answer you wanted, but he facts showed.

So these liberal stations parade the idiot Al Sharpton around.  Interview the parents who are borderline illiterate.  Show the step father screaming "Burn this bitch down". Which they did.


This is a prime example of liberal media portraying a punk as a hero.  Is it a tragedy Michael Brown lost his life?  Most definitely.  But nobody other than Michael Brown is to blame.

Don't rob a convenience store.

Don't walk down the middle of the street. (as the officer said "if they had just moved to the sidewalk like I asked I would have just driven on by)

Don't confront the officer and try to enter the police cruiser.

Don't repeatedly punch a police officer.

Don't try to take the policeman's gun.

Don't run away, then turn and rush the police officer.

There are six simple things Michael Brown did on his own accord that led directly to the incident.  Too bad CNN and MSNBC won't tell the story.  Instead we are shown Michael Brown's attorney grasping for straws.

The case is over.  Michael Brown is no hero.

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