Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to not be shot by a Police Officer

These are things to not do if you want to be safe on the streets and most likely not be shot dead by a police officer.  Some pretty simple advice. 

1. Do not rob a convenient store
2. Do not walk down the middle of a street
3. Do not try to enter a police car through the officer's window
4. Do not punch the police office twice in the face while he is seated in his police car
5. Do not try to take the police officer's firearm
6. Do not run away and then turn and rush the police officer

Six different pieces of advice to not be shot by a police officer.  If Michael Brown had not done ALL SIX of these acts he would most likely be alive today and the idiots in Ferguson would not be rioting, looting and burning down their own neighborhood businesses.  See, if you are a law abiding citizen you don't get into these tragic situations.

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