Friday, October 19, 2007

Band of the Week - THE BLOW

The band of the week is THE BLOW. You need to check them out. Ironically it's not even really a band. It's basically Khaela Maricich, a fabulously talented artist. Her lyrics are simple yet borderline brilliant if I must say so.

Check out The Blow at their myspace page. There are 4 songs available there to sample as well as a clever 50 questions about the band by Khaela. The Blow also has its website at The Blow

Parenthesis is a simple yet endearing love song with a great beat and wonderful lyrics. For example:
"If something in the deli isle, makes you cry, course i'll put my arms around you and i'll walk you outside thru the sliding doors why would i mind"

If you ever get a chance to see them live you must. The Blow is in Europe currently but hopefully back thru the states next year. Check out The Blow you'll love them!

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