Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Opinions on Kid Nation?

Well when I first saw the commerials for Kid Nation I thought "how dumb". Something though tweeked my interest and made me check it out. Surprisingly enough it actually has pretty interesting moments as the kids delve into topics such as religion, curfews and responsibilities around town.

It is kind of a "Survivor" based show as there are challenges for rewards and town status. The town has been broken into 4 groups...Upper Class, merchants, cooks, and laborers. Each group has their own responsibilities within the town and get paid accordingly. Each of the 4 groups also has a leader that represents it on the town council.

Each week there are great things to see, such as how the town council interacts with their group. It's very interesting to see the 8-14 yr olds dealing with politics and such. Meals seem to always be an adventure as you would expect. The kids are completely responsible for preparing meals and cleaning up after meals. Seems nobody wants to do dishes and the town was flipped into a frenzy when killing and cooking a chicken was proposed.

Anyway, check out Kid Nation if you havent already seen it....you might be surprised by the entertainment value.

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