Wednesday, October 31, 2007

America Online - What a joke

What a joke this company has become over the last 15 years. From being an internet darling in the early 90s to an afterthought today. I was a loyal AOL
customer thru the 90s, but switched to Comcast a few years back. Good luck trying to deal with AOL to cancel an account. First off you cant even think about speaking to someone in the United States about your problem. Off you go to Pakistan or India where the people neither care or can help. All they ask is your security question and such. Well who the hell knows what my security answer was that I made in 1992. Its been 15 years! So theres no possible way to close my account. Thus, I tell them they wont get paid....and they wont cuz they are retards.
What a joke....and they wonder why they have fallen so far.

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