Monday, October 5, 2009

Mafia Wars - The Cellphone Problem

Well anyone that has gotten very far into Mafia Wars has seen that it takes an amazing amount of untraceable cell phones to knock out the New York stages. Literally hundreds will be required. Two jobs on the Capo level, one on the Consgiliere level and another on the Underboss level will definitely try the Mafia War patience.

The problem many Mafia War players face though is how to best obtain the cellphones they need over the course of the game. The key is to be efficient. There is no requirement that you knock out all of New York before heading on to Cuba and Moscow. Be efficient in Mafia Wars.

The mistake many players make is that they waste tons and tons of energy back on the Enforcer level job of Robbing an Electronics Store to try and get enough cellphones. Once you have mastered level 3 of the Enforcer level you are just throwing away energy to get the untraceable cellphones. It is wasted energy in Mafia Wars.

Just go on knocking out jobs at other levels in New York, Cuba and Moscow. Get cellphones from gifting friends as well as fighting. It is slow going, but at least you are using your energy in a positive manner by doing jobs you need to get done.

They also threw us a bone in Moscow as in Episode 1 the Arrange a Drug Shipment job yields cellphones. If you are dying to grab cellphones and finish the New York tier make sure to do the Moscow job over the New York job to get your cellphones. The Moscow job yields them in much much greater frequency.

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