Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bill Maher doesn't think there is a spending problem and has no problem with the national debt

I know people love Bill Maher, but anyone who watched his latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher had to be left shaking their heads.  I know I was floored by some of the quotes I heard from the liberal thinker.

Let me throw a few at you from the episode:

Bill Maher said "You should look at why the debt is going up."

To which author Carol Roth responded "It is going up because the government overspends."

To which Maher responded "The government is not overspending."

Seriously?  That's the problem with Democrats.  They just want to spend and spend.  Meanwhile, our national debt is increasing by over a trillion dollars every single year.  President Obama, in his five years, has added more to our national debt than every single President in our history combined!

We don't have a spending problem?

So Carol Roth replied "If we didn't overspend we would not be hitting the debt ceiling."

Bill Maher laughed and said "There's always going to be debt. Are you suggesting we should not have debt?"

Ummmm yes.  How nice would it be to have no debt?  Not owe anyone a single dollar.  Isn't that one of the goals of the American Dream for individuals?  Have no debt.  Live free and clear.  At least we could do with a bit less than the whopping $18 trillion we already have which is still rising.

Not for Bill Maher and the Democrats. Spend and run up that debt.  Now approaching $18 trillion.  Now that we have Obamacare the debt is only going to increase at a greater rate.  All these free Obamacare subsidies?  Straight from the American taxpayers and right onto the national debt.  But I guess according to Bill Maher, our national debt of $18 trillion is not a problem.

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