Tuesday, October 8, 2013

President Barack Obama - The most Devisive and Worst President in American History

It's a terrible thing to have the absolute worst President in American history at the helms right now.  There has never been a more devisive figure in United States political history, much less the Presidency.

Sure, we have had plenty of political fights over our 250 year history.  Every single time we have had a President skilled enough and willing to sit down and figure things out.  Even though many of those times the President himself might not have come out looking like they won.  President Obama has absolutely zero negotiation skills and absolutely zero interest in moving things ahead.  His only interest is finishing the game in a situation that looks as if he is the winner.

Because of this stubborness.  Because of this lack of understanding of government.  Because of his lack of political skill.  President Barack Obama will be long remembered as the worst President in United States history.

We have a "fiscal cliff" on the horizon.  President Obama is asking once again for the American debt limit to be raised.  For the 17th time in recent history.  This is not something new.  Yes, it would be nice if our government was responsible enough to not keep spending googles of money we do not have, but the fact is we have to raise the debt limit. 

This President has added more national debt than every single American President before him combined!  In the past 17 debt ceiling raises there has been a compromise.  The President (whether he was Democrat or Republican) sat down with members of Congress and allowed the debt increase to be coupled with spending cuts. 

What the heck is wrong with that?  We spend too much.  That is very clear.  Why can't we cut a bit of our ridiculously wasteful spending to go along with the debt increase?

Nope.  Not this time.  "No negotiations on anything" states President Obama.

Is Barack Obama using Executive Orders to become a dictator?

Yet today, President Obama stands up in front of the television cameras and states "I have always been willing to compromise my entire political career.  In negotiations there is give and take."  Talk about speaking out of both sides of ones mouth.  This just hours after he took the time to call Speaker of the House Boehner only to tell him that he will not negotiate on anything.  What a productive call that was.  Time well spent there.

President Barack Obama.  The most devisive and worst President in American history.

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