Friday, October 25, 2013

More bad news for Obamacare as 300,000 lose coverage in Florida

As if the Obamacare fiasco could not get any worse, it certainly can.  Forget the fact that the website simply does not work and very few are able to sign up at all.  Forget the fact that premiums are higher than anyone ever thought.  Forget the fact that deductibles are through the roof.  Now 300,000 people in Florida found out today that they are losing their insurance.

These are Americans that were already insured.  Now because of Obamacare requirements they are losing their insurance coverage.  Obamacare is requiring more.  Now these people that were happy with their current health insurance are going to have to go find new insurance from some source and that new health insurance will have higher premiums and much higher deductibles.

So much for affordable healthcare.  So much for "every American can keep their current insurance if they choose"  as President Obama promised.  Just another example of Obamacare gone bad.  Just wait.  The bad examples will keep coming too.

It is becoming increasingly clearer everyday that the current administration did not and is not telling the truth on Obamacare.

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