Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Girls on HBO has just lost me

Well I'm sorry I just can't watch Girls on HBO anymore.  I thought season 1 was really, really good.  Season 2 was average and now season 3 has just devolved into some hodge-podge of characters.

Sorry it has just lost reality to me.  I guess in an effort to be hip and edgy and modern, the wonderfully talented Lena Dunham has assembled a cast of all queers and weird chicks.  Where are all the normal Americans?  This is nowhere close to real life to me at all.  If this is what the 20-something society is turning into we are in big trouble.  Luckily, I don't believe it to be true and judging from the floundering ratings, mainstream America doesn't identify with Girls either.

Maybe in backwards New York City, but definitely not like normal, mainstream America.  There is not one normal, average man on the entire show.  I think Adam's character is just wonderful, but that's it.  Way too many gays "gaying" everything up.

I also enjoy Shoshonna very much.  She just cracks me up with her views on life and her dialect.  Unfortunately she and Adam are about the only characters that interest me anymore o Girls.  The path that Girls has taken just does not interest me anymore.  I loved the "real" storylines of season 1.  Unfortunately they have been lost in the path to Girls season 3.

EDIT - I must admit the final three episodes were much better.  The traits that made me actually care about the girls were revisited and each of their individual journeys came back to the forefront.  Bring on Girls Season 4.

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