Friday, September 27, 2013

President Obama not telling the truth once again on Obamacare

Yesterday President Obama gave a speech where he stated "They said this (Obamacare) would be a disaster in terms of jobs.  There is no widespread evidence the Affordable Healthcare Act is hurting jobs."  The spin-master was at it again.  Obamacare has not and will not have any affect on jobs he says.

Well Mr President here are the real facts.  Investors Business Daily is keeping a list of companies which have made changes already due to the coming Affordable Healthcare Act.  On this list there are over 300 companies are either adjusting hours downward or eliminating employees altogether.

Here are a few companies on the list:
Home Depot (eliminated healthcare for 20,000 employees)
Walgreen's has eliminated all healthcare benefits
Kroger have eliminated healthcare coverage for over 11,000 spouses
Xerox is now planning to charge $1,000 per employee to register spouses with their plan
White Castle is planning to only hire part time employees going forward so as to not have to deal with Obamacare
Taco Bell is cutting many managers to under 28 hours a week to avoid Obamacare
UPS has eliminated healthcare coverage for 15,000 spouses
Subway cutting employees hours to 28 hours per week from 40
CKE Restaurants is only hiring part time employees to replace full-timers that leave
Over 80 different public school systems are cutting hours due to Obamacare and the list is growing daily
Nearly 200 colleges are cutting professor hours to avoid the healthcare law
This is just a small sampling from the Investors Business Daily list.  There are over 300 other companies on the list.

Bottom line.  A new cost is being imposed on American businesses.  Does one just expect these businesses to say "No problem.  We'll just pay that and absorb the expense." 

Hell no.  That's not how business works.  Corporate America is already making moves and as we approach the January 1 implementation it will be even more pronounced.  These costs will be either passed on or offset.  That is how business works.

It is clearly what President Obama does not understand.  Business.  He is of a socialist mindset.  Meaning the "have nots" should be given, with the "haves" paying the price.  That is what Obamacare is.  Period.  Giving the unproductive part of our society free healthcare.  The result is that the true producers in our country must pay this cost of free health coverage.  There are clear consequences.

The only beneficiaries to the Affordable Care Act are people with very expensive, existing conditions and the unproductive part of our society.  No different than welfare where we reward laziness.  Send people a check to sit on the couch.  Send people food stamps for doing nothing but sitting on the porch.  Obamacare is of the same mold.  Socialist healthcare.

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