Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Friday Night Tykes gets a personal foul

Friday Night Tykes has been happily tucked away on Esquire.  Thus most of America has yet to see this documentary style show about youth football in central Texas.  That might not be a bad thing to keep it on the down low.

I stumbled upon it a few weeks back late one night and was horrified.  Third graders being told to hit other players so hard they injure them.  Profanity everywhere.  Out of control parents.

Being a youth coach myself for over seventeen years, almost everything about this show is wrong.  Unqualified, dad coaches.  It is just a bunch of dads out there yelling, screaming and berating these youngsters.  For every one positive comment there are ten negative comments.

It is everything that is wrong with youth sports.  Watch just one episode and you I'll see why this youth football league is out of control.  What are we teaching these kids?

Finally, main stream media is taking notice as to how these adults are treating and teaching these third graders.  Right.  Third graders.  ABC World News did a story tonight about the misguided show.  It seems two of the coaches have been suspended for shoving kids and speaking to the boys in a violent manner.

About time.  This whole league needs to be disbanded and the dads need to go back to the gym to relieve stress rather than influence our youth in such a disturbing and negative way.

Friday Night Tykes - personal foul 15 yards

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