Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wendy Davis rips Ted Nugent - Not Smart

A word of advice to Wendy Davis.  You will not win Texas by ripping Ted Nugent.  There is almost no person in the entire United States much less Texas that defends our Constitution and individual rights more passionately than Ted Nugent.  He embodies the true Texan spirit.  It is what our great state is built upon.

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After lying low for several weeks since news broke of her lying about her past tribulations.  Saying how hard she had it through college and with hr children.  Come to find out it we all a lie and that her ex husband payed for her college completely and that she left her kids behind with him during.  Then she had the gall to divorce him the same week that he made her final college payment.  What a joke.

Now Wendy Davis comes out and says "Ted Nugent should be an insult to every man and every Texan."

What the heck is she talking about?  Ted Nugent is all about Texas.  He is a man's man!  Ted Nugent is about freedom.  If we should be embarrassed by Ted Nugent then what should we be for?

Welfare?  Food stamps?  Gun control?  Limited freedom of speech?  More government regulation?  Higher taxes? Abortions of babies that have been in the mothers womb for six months?

Oh wait.  That is exactly the platform that Wendy Davis supports.  It makes me sad to say she graduated from the same college that I did.  Our school is better than she.

Wendy Davis has no chance to win with these views in Texas.  You might not always agree with how Ted Nugent makes his point or communicates his message, but you cannot deny that he embodies everything a good Texan stands for!

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