Monday, February 10, 2014

Open Carry Texas staging marches weekly

We have had some interesting demonstrations the last few weekends here in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Awhile back they were walking in Keller.  This weekend Open Carry Texas were in Uptown Dallas.

Open Carry Texas is trying to raise awareness that all citizens should be allowed to carry pistols out in the open.  We already have laws allowing long guns (rifles & shotguns) as well as the concealed weapons law, but citizens are not allowed to have a pistol in the open.

I must admit it must have been a little disturbing for those residents to see a group of sixty individuals walking down the street all carrying military style assault rifles.  A few had pistols holstered around their waste but the were replicas to stay within the law.
Both demonstrations were peaceful with little incident.  Dallas police were on hand and for the most part the group got positive reactions...or nobody had the guts to give a negative reaction to a group with assault rifles haha.

After the march many of the marchers had lunch at a local Mexican food restaurant and nobody seemed to have a problem with it.

So where do,you stand on this issue?  Should Texans be allowed to carry pistols openly?

Personally, I just don't see the need or purpose for it?  Trying to show you are a badass?  What's the purpose?  I am all for freedoms.  I am deep Texan at heart.  I think government needs to stay out of our business and that President Obama is a socialist disaster.

I have traveled internationally several times.  Most recently to Peru where seeing a couple f soldiers standing on the street corner carrying machine guns is quite normal.  It didn't bother me, but I certainly took notice.

So what do to think?  Open carry pistols?

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