Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Texas Tech fumbles in reinstating Nigel Bethel

Goodness how Texas Tech has dropped the ball on this one.  Not one ounce of integrity at all from Coach Kliff Kingsbury nor the Texas Tech Athletic Department.  It shows the sad state of college athletics that a person like Nigel Bethel gets reinstated to the football program and is allowed to keep his full scholarship after he punched Amber Battle breaking several bones in her face and requiring her to undergo surgery to correct the damage.

And when this incident occurred Texas Tech released the following statement: "Texas Tech Athletics has a zero tolerance policy on this type of behavior."  Spot on.  Nigel Bethel was dismissed from the football program.  Spot on.  He should have been kicked out of there.

Now only a few weeks later Nigel Bethel is back on the Texas Tech football team.  What a joke.  Well I guess that zero tolerance policy went out the window.  Really sad.   I guess the top incoming freshman football recruit is more important than showing the world that punching a woman in the face is not acceptable behavior.  Just shows what a douchebag Kingsbury is.

So now Texas Tech is saying that Amber Battle initiated the incident.  A little trash talking gone too far.  Seriously?  A football player can't take a little trash talking on the basketball court so he hauls off and punches the girl in face

The Lubbock Avalanche Journal now is trying to downplay the whole incident sating "the altercation was minor."   I would not call an incident minor when the outcome is a broken face that requires surgery.  That's not minor in any way.

Great job Texas Tech for showing the world what a loser school really is and how a football program trumps proper behavior.  If Nigel Bethel was a 5th string linebacker I guarantee he would not have been reinstated.....

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