Tuesday, July 22, 2014

President Obama Fundraises While Rome Burns

With turmoil in several regions of the world we have a President that would rather attend fundraisers than lead our country.

Recently I published an article stating how President Obama came to Texas and instead of going to the border to address and observe our out of control illegal immigrant problem he attended lavish fundraisers in Dallas and Austin.  Now we find that instead of being in the White House working on the issues of our country our President will be spending three days this week attending six fundraising meals that cost $10,000 a plate.

Israel is in the midst of a military operation in Gaza.  Russia just shot down a passenger jet in the Ukraine.  We have 60,000 illegal immigrants that have crossed our southern borders.  Texas Governor Rick Perry was forced to act on his own this week planning to send National Guard troops to the border.  His hand was forced after he pleaded with the President several times to take action.  Any action at all.  Instead President Obama asked Congress for $3.7 billion dollars of which over 90% would not be spent until after 2015.  The problem is NOW not 2016!  Meanwhile, Obama fiddles while Rome burns.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein ripped the President today saying he should put more energy into focusing on the events around the world.  She stated "The world would appreciate his increased attention."  That is the nice way of saying "get to work!"

John McCain said President Obama was AWOL.

Meanwhile, events around the world continue to spiral and Obama just attends lavish fundraisers.

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