Sunday, July 13, 2014

President Obama wasting time with Fundraisers and Golf

We wonder why our country has so many out of control problems right now.  The terrible situation in the south with our border security.  Over 50,000 children have streamed across our border.  The majority of which will shrink into our society and be paid for by tax payer dollars.

The ineptitude of handling the multiple volatile situations in the Middle East.

The scandals at the IRS and the VA.

The disaster that is Obamacare bankrupting our government.  News just came out this week that up to a million of the seven million enrolled are illegal immigrants!

So now I will give you a couple of mind-boggling facts that will better explain our sorry state of affairs.  Barack Obama has been President for five years and 175 days.  Nearly 2000 days in total.  He has spent close to 200 days of his Presidency playing golf.  That's right on the golf course!  In 2013 alone, President Obama spent 30 days playing golf.  That is one whole month last year!

In addition to the nearly 200 days on the golf course, Obama has attended 393 fund raisers!  To put the excess in context.  Our last President only attended half that amount in his entire eight years in office total.  Think of the time wasted.  Basically a full year worth of travelling the US attending dinners and fundraisers instead of time actually spent running our country and actually dealing with these problems a hand.

Adding the golf with the fundraisers that is almost 600 days not governing.  Basically 30% of the time President Obama has been in office he has been doing junk when should be dealing with immigration, the Middle East, poverty the real issues facing the United States.  Well maybe tomorrow perhaps....opposite my bad he will be on golf course.

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